About Us

Welcome to The Rockland County IDA

Thank you for your interest in Rockland County and the Industrial Development Agency. On behalf of the Members of the Board, we invite and encourage you to browse our website.

Our Mission

The mission of the Rockland County Industrial Development Agency is to advance the job opportunities, health, general prosperity and economic welfare of the people of Rockland County and to improve its recreation opportunities, prosperity and standard of living, through the promotion, development, encouragement and assistance of industrial, manufacturing, warehousing, commercial, research and recreation facilities, educational or cultural facilities, health care facilities and continuing care retirement communities, in Rockland County.

Our Vision

The Rockland IDA actively promotes, attracts and encourages the development of sound commerce and industry by offering financing assistance and benefits to business locating and expanding in Rockland County.

Who We Are

The County of Rockland Industrial Development Agency (IDA) was established in 1980 as a public benefit corporation under New York State Law (General Municipal Law, Art. 18-A, Section 925.I, Ti.2). It’s purpose is to develop economically sound commerce and industry by providing financial incentives and inducements that will result in business’ establishment, relocation to or expansion in Rockland County. It does so in order to advance job opportunities and to preserve the County’s economic health, prosperity and quality of life.

The IDA is administered by the Executive Director, under the direction of Board Members. Members are appointed by the Rockland County Executive and confirmed by the Rockland County Legislature. The IDA does not receive any public funding and operates solely from the fees it generates.

The IDA is a conduit for businesses to receive tax exemptions and abatements for eligible activities. These include:
     • State and local sales tax exemptions
     • Mortgage recording tax exemption
     • Tax exempt bond financing
     • Real property tax abatements

Why Choose Us?

At the IDA, our focus is reflected in three words… Efficient, Effective, Expedient. Those words describe our commitment to making our project application, board consideration, approval and implementation processes as a mirror to how successful businesses operate while maintaining our statutory requirements. By operating in a concise, timely and impactful manner, we have been able to address the “bottom-line” interests of business while serving well the interests of the people of Rockland County. We at the IDA are proud of our record of success with business and look forward to responding to any inquiries you may have regarding our incentives and our process.

Board members are appointed by the Rockland County Executive and Legislature to three-year terms. They also serve as members of the Governance, Audit, and Finance Committees.

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The Rockland IDA has defined a specific application and approval process for commercial projects that best ensures a timely and efficient consideration and implementation of incentives for approved projects.

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The Rockland IDA provides a variety of financial incentives to eligible commercial projects as a means to promote attraction and expansion of business in Rockland County.

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Would you like to see if your project qualifies for some of our incentives?

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