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The County of Rockland Industrial Development Agency

Established in 1980 as a public benefit corporation under New York State Law (General Municipal Law, Art. 18-A, Section 925.I, Ti.2).

Why Work With The County of Rockland IDA?

Our Board

The IDA is administered by the Executive Director, under the direction of Board Members. Members are appointed by the Rockland County Executive and confirmed by the Rockland County Legislature. The IDA does not receive any public funding and operates solely from the fees it generates. 

Financial Incentives

Rockland IDA's purpose is to develop economically sound commerce and industry by providing financial incentives and inducements that will result in business’ establishment, relocation to or expansion in Rockland County.

Helping The Rockland County Community

By operating in a concise, timely and impactful manner, we have been able to address the “bottom-line” interests of business while serving well the interests of the people of Rockland County.

Successful Projects

The Rockland IDA actively promotes, attracts and encourages the development of sound commerce and industry by offering financing assistance and benefits to business locating and expanding in Rockland County.

Upcoming Events

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